THE BEGINNING: our first outcross litter the F1 generation.


Apollo's Pedigree

Bred to BriarBey's Jolene 2018


Daughters for the Program



We love the size of our Decker Terriers and know full well that as time passes we will lose that
because of the chihuahua and toy breeds carried within the rat terrier lines.  The biggest difference between
the Rat Terrier and the Decker Terrier is the BASENJI in the lines, Deckers should never have been
registered Rat Terriers and because of that we are confined to breeding to Rat Terriers.  We went
looking for the proper outcross's and one that is already within these dogs historically, and what
created the larger much loved farm dogs of old which have all but disappeared due to the push in history
towards the toy breeds.  Below is the ancestery tree of the Rat Terrier as stated by the Rat Terrier
Club of America. (note*  You will not find Basenji in this tree.) (note* If you like the bigger dogs,
adding chihuahua and toy genetics is not going to keep them bigger.)

We are also aware of the health problems within the Rat Terrier breed and are moving away
from many of those problems.  These statistics can be found on the NRTA site.

Follow this link for  more detailed information 

We have no intention of changing the look of our dogs, our objective as we move forward towards
breed status is to maintain what we have all grown to love!  Through out my 14 yrs. as a breeder of these
wonderful dogs, I have paid close attention to Decker percentages which is something I was taught early
in my breeding practices and is also something that no one is paying attention to. 
I have never outcrossed to a Rat Terrier, I'm not about to start now, for their sakes and ours. 

I am seeing more and more puppies advertised as Deckers yet those puppies have the chihuahua apple head which is going to come from the rat terrier.

It will be specified with any upcoming litters which puppies are the Decker Terriers and which ones
are the Old Dominion Terriers, although several breeders are currently registering their Deckers as foundation stock with:

The Old Dominion Terrier Registry.