This is a work in progress to take these larger dogs known as Decker Terriers

out of the Standard Rat Terrier category and give them a name and a place of their own.

"Old Dominion Terriers"




                       Cell: 740-538-2260                       


You should find  some of these dogs sitting in your dogs pedigree , size does not make a Decker Terrier, Basenji makes a Decker.



"Ace of Spades" my beginning.

You were so loved.  2007-2021

The adventures we had!!  I will see you in all your offspring.

Samuel is retired.

Let's Play!!

In memory of Dylan, he helped me with the horses and he helped me with the Old Dominion Terriers when I first started, he lived an exciting and fun filled life...
I miss him.  Died at 16, April 2010.


History of Old Dominion     Terriers                                                         Approximately 12 years ago while delivering a mare to a farm in

My  Decker puppies are registered with UKC

as rat terriers, because using the name Decker is forbidden with the registry.



United Kennel Club

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