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She's not bred she just got fat!
I was hopeing to replace Hope, my tuxedo F2, since the breeder wouldn't
when I had to have her put to sleep at 6 mo. old.

The wait continues!
Let me know if you want moved to another puppy.

BriarBey's Falcon



Reserved 2nd pick Male Jeffery H./ CA.*

Reserved 3rd pick Male Adam & Tammy Craig/IN.


Reserved 2nd pick Female Heather L./IA.

Reserved 3rd pick Female Steven M. Jr./CA.

These puppies are ODT registered.



Due 10/15/2019

BriarBey's Black Hawk

Martini (Basenji)

This is a dual sired litter Martini is yet to prove himself, if there is a red pup
DNA will be done.  And I'll be very excited!! :)


Reserved 2nd pick Male Cammie S./CA. (Basenji)

Reserved 2nd pick Female Gail House/NY. (Basenji)

Reserved a 2nd pick Male  Paden/Heather Lawler/IA. (Hawk)

BriarBey's Elora

These puppies are ODT registered.





Martini (Basenji)     x     BriarBey's Kaci

Reserved 2nd Pick Male Kathleen H./FL.

Reserved 2nd Pick Female Michelle H./ ALA.