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Our upcoming F2 litters

Rat terriers have chihuahua and toy fox terrier genetics, we refused to be forced to use that.

Late 2018 early 2019



Martini (Basenji)      x      BriarBey's Elora (F1)

Reserved 2nd pick Male Cammie S./CA.

Reserved 2nd Pick Female Beverly H./ S.D.




BriarBey's Falcon       x       BriarBey's Dixie (F1)

Reserved 2nd pick Male Jeffery H./ CA.*

Reserved 2nd pick Female Heather L./IA.

Reserved 3rd pick Female Steven M. Jr./CA.



BriarBey's Cougar        x       BriarBey's Ivy (F1)

Reserved 2nd pick Male Jeffery H./ CA.

Reserved 2nd pick Female Steven M. Jr./CA. *



Martini (Basenji)     x     BriarBey's Kaci

Reserved 2nd Pick Female Michelle H./ ALA.



BriarBey's The Mohican   x    BriarBey's Rose (F1)

Owned by Bad River Old Dominion Terriers, please contact Breeder:       https://www.facebook.com/badriverpuppies/



BriarBey's Little Lamb (F1)   x    BriarBey's Amelia

Contact Breeder:    Osmin Herrera   305-498-0283



BriarBey's Darius (F1) x Oswayo's Bess      

Litter Due Nov. 14, 2018 

Contact:   Nancy Baddick  https://www.facebook.com/Decker.Terrier/

Reserved Pick Male/Female BriarBey Old Dominion Terriers