There is a work in progress to take these larger dogs known as Decker Terriers

out of the Standard Rat Terrier category and give them a name and a place of their own.

"Old Dominion Terriers"


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  The Old Dominion Terrier Club of America




"Ace of Spades" our beginning.


38 lbs. and 19 in. tall


Ace is retired.





         55 lbs. 20 in. tall

 Old Dominion Terriers





Samuel is retired.




 Let's Play!!




   In memory of Dylan, he helped me with the horses and he helped me with the Old Dominion Terriers when I first started, he lived an exciting and fun filled life...I miss him.  Died at 16, April 2010.



 Cell: 740-538-2260

  Located in Central Ohio

Please leave a message if  no answer, we will get back with you!


 History of Old Dominion Terriers

 Approximately 11 years ago while delivering a mare to a farm in Pennsylvania,

 I met my first Decker Terrier, she was about 12 yrs. old and was

surrounded by 3-4 other family farm dogs but there was something about her that was so different

 than the others, her face was grayed, her movements were slower but there was an intelligence in her eyes that was so captivating.

The owner gave us a short history of what she knew about the dog or had been able

to find out from researching what she looked like.  And the rest is history, I came

home and started doing my own research.  Great time and expense was taken to find

the best Decker Terriers/Old Dominion Terriers in the country, from every kennel (and there are very few).

  I bought the best of the best and now I will continue

 breeding these dogs to create an even better and more beautiful large Terrier. 

BriarBey Old Dominion Terriers is now producing some of the nicest

 what is also known as Decker Terriers in the country and we are proud of what we have accomplished!


Our Decker puppies are registered with UKC

as rat terriers, because using the name Decker is forbidden with the registry., UKC  

United Kennel Club

If you want to keep these bigger dogs, I highly suggest moving them away from the chihuahua and toy fox terrier genetics of the rat terrier, these dogs are much more that rat and mice catchers.

Registered as Old Dominion Terriers

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to save and preserve a breed of dog that had many uses since the 19th Century. From ridding various vermin that plagued farms to baiting game to feed the Settlers, the Old Dominion Terrier has evolved and transformed so many times over. They started with small terrier types brought over from England and soon took many forms and varieties as bred into them for the many needs they filled.

 American Staffordshire Terrier,  and Basenji were added into this variant of the Old Farm dog.  This breed is used for more than just hunting rats and other small vermin. They have been used on wild boar hunts as well as deer to flushing quail and other fowl. They have been used on ranches to guard against coyote and fox. They have also been useful for City dwellers who seek a loyal companion and therapy dog.

​With a limited gene pool, we have scoured the whole United States and narrowed down the remaining breeders who had the last of the Original 52 dogs that made up the look and temperament of what we now call the Old Dominion Terrier. We have gone back in time to include genes that are almost long gone to not only save this breed but to also eliminate dilute color alopecia and natural bobtails (whose DNA could have lethal consequences). We are confident that they have a natural hunting instinct so we are not emphasizing on high prey kill dogs but concentrating on even tempered or Omega personality dogs.

​We look forward to the bright future of this breed and to the next generation of breeders who will uphold our mission.

Located in Ohio